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Groupe d'étude de la bibliothèque


The Pellicot Ecopôle will welcome students after a traditional school curriculum, offering an innovative training model, more attractive, more relevant, better suited to the development of new jobs with low impact on the environment to fight against climate change.

In a virtuous environment, where creativity and innovation will be the very essence of the convictions of the Ecopole de Pellicot. By cultivating the enthusiasm of learners by proposing meaningful projects.

The principle is simple, we will train the citizens of tomorrow thanks to the diversity of the sectors of activity supervised by the Ecopôle de Pellicot, undertake differently to improve our economic resilience, an experience of life and knowledge based on sharing, nature and autonomy by alternating theoretical and practical activities in immersion.

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This new method of learning makes it possible to broaden the knowledge of the pupils, by giving them all the tools of departure, the choice to learn and to create a network of knowledge in different fields of competence to undertake life.  from another angle.

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Ultimately, the principle is to design  other Ecopôles or similar structures that want to promote French production and promote this type of virtuous development in different sectors of activity.


The Ecopôle needs you!

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